Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Squats

Another cold afternoon in the gym, made a little worse by Grossman's late pick.  Did anybody really think that he was the better option?  Anyway, after watching that game and seeing the worst onside kick ever in the Colts/Jags game, I made it outside to do some squats.  After warming up on the Precor and doing a few warm-up sets and some stretches, I did the following:  6x230, 5x260, 5x290, 4x315 and 2x345.  Felt good and since I hadn't tried a 1RM in a month or so I went heavier and managed to get 1 good rep at 375 for a new (modern era) personal record.  Pretty good day overall.

Not sure how the weight will be in the morning.  We had a babysitter tonight and went out to do a little shopping and then grab dinner at Bonefish Grill.  Too many bang bang shrimp and then a big ole piece of grouper.  It was great but I'll see how it looks on the scales tomorrow.  I've been more successful having larger breakfasts and lunches and then smaller dinners either right before or right after lifting. 

Hope everyone is doing well and that you're ready for Christmas next week. 


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