Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching Up

It's been busy at work and home and I just haven't spent a few minutes to update this thing since the beginning of December.  But I thought I would take a minute to get up to speed since the weather is terrible and our office is closed.  Things have been progressing nicely since Thanksgiving.  My weight is down about 4 pounds since I started the blog and that puts on pace to be where I need to be next December.

Lifting is going well also.  My right shoulder is basically pain free for the first time in months and that means I've been able to bench harder over the last couple weeks.  I'm still not quite back to where I was before it began hurting, but I'm getting closer.  I benched on Monday and got the following sets in on the flat bench:  8x230, 6x260, 5x280, 3x4x300 and 1x320.  Then went heavy on inclines on the Powertec and finished with some dumbbell work. 

Worked my back on Tuesday.  Stuck with 4 supersets of 6-7 pull-ups followed immediately by 12 rep sets of lat pulldowns.  Then did close-grip cable rows and tried a new exercise for wide-grip barbell rows.  I wanted to rest my lower back so I used a slight incline on the bench and leaned over the top to do wide-grip rows.  Actually felt it across my upper back and my rear delts and there was no pressure on my lower back.  I may incorporate those more often.

Was supposed to do deadlifts last night but it was just too darn cold in the garage.  I'm going to work them in this afternoon hopefully. 

I'd like to thank all the folks that have offered their encouragement and support recently.  Despite the fact that a few people at work (who shall remain nameless) have given me a hard time, the overall response has been positive.  I appreciate the encouragement and I look forward to you keeping tabs on my progress as the next year passes.  I'm just under a year from my self-imposed deadline so I better get off my butt and get to work.


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