Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress with 5/3/1

Another fun Thursday night of deadlifts. This is the third week of my first Wendler 5/3/1 cycle, so it's the first heavy week. Bench went well on Monday, with a final set of 3x330, a personal best.

Deadlifts went great tonight. Couple of warm-up sets followed by 5x345, 3x390 and the final set of 4x435. The last set is supposed to be a minimum of 1 with as many more as you can do, just stopping short of failure. I set a goal of 3 but had one more in the tank so I pulled 4. It's a personal best.

Still have squats and overhead press workouts to finish out the week.

Dieting sucks but I think I'm finally committing to trying to track calories, etc. We'll see if that helps make a difference. It's easy to track the weights I'm lifting but counting calories seems like such a girlie thing to do. Funny, but it is so much easier for women to talk about losing weight than it is for guys. It seems almost unmanly for guys to admit to needing/trying to lose weight. Weird when you consider that I'd stick my hand in a blender before I asked a woman her weight. There are thousands of blogs by women about losing weight and very few by dudes.


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