Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shoulders on Saturday 11/13

Shoulder's yesterday afternoon.  Before I get to the boring details, yesterday was a prime example of the differences between lifting now and when I was younger.  More responsibilities, more demands on time, etc.  On a Saturday in 2000, if I wanted to watch a football game and wanted to lift, I would have had the time to get up, go to the gym, lift for an hour or two, and then come home and clean up, eat and get ready to watch some football.  Now, married with two kids, there's just not enough time.  So I have to plan out the day and multi-task.  Waited to lift until about 3:30 so that I could have the Carolina/Tech game on in the garage while I was lifting.  Not ideal to have that distraction but there just isn't enough time to spend an hour or so lifting and a few hours watching a game.  At least I got it done, too bad my Heels didn't.

As for the lifting, decent day.  Started with a 10 minute warm-up on the Precor and some stretching.  Then into military presses:  two warm-ups, 6x190, 5x210, 4x230 and 1x250 (missed the second rep at 250).  Powertec military presses, trying to go heavier than last week:  8x200, 6x230, 5x260, 4x290, 2x310.  Then four supersets of shrugs (8x270), 30 seconds on the rope and reverse flys (8x40# dumbbells).

Squats and leg work coming up on Sunday afternoon (probably with football on TV again). 

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