Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching up on the week

Little behind on keeping up with this.  Last Wednesday was back/deadlift night.  With my shoulder pain I can't do pull-ups so I started with 5 sets of lat pulldowns on the Powertec, followed by 4 sets of bent barbell rows, working up to a two set at 255.  Then deadlifts.  Starting with a set of 6 at 315 and working up for 3 more sets to a set of 2x415.

Thursday was a scheduled day off and I was supposed to work shoulders on Friday night but I got home late, etc., etc., and just didn't lift.  Saturday was even busier and I skipped everything again.  I just wasn't motivated I guess.

But I felt better on Sunday but was behind on the schedule so I decided to pull a two-a-day.  I worked shoulders in the late morning.  Started with military presses - 6x195, 5x210, 4x230, 2x240.  Powertec military presses - 8x200, 6x230, 5x250, 4x280, 1x300.  Then shrugs and rear rows.

After eating, hanging out with the kids, resting a little and doing some work, I worked legs in the afternoon.  I felt great this afternoon and started with squats after a short warmup on the Precor.  Two warm-up sets and then 6x205, 5x235, 5x265, 4x295, 2x325, 1x365.  365 was a new personal record (in the modern era at least).  Felt great.  Then heavy extensions (4x10) and calf raises (4x12).  Under a little time crunch so I had to skip stiff leg deadlifts.  Got a chance to watch a little football with the 'Skins game on TV while I was lifting and watched them sneak past the Titans. 

Dieting has been up and down.  My weight was down to just under 252 on Friday but I'll have to wait and see what it looks like in the morning.  We had a great dinner with family at Riptides in Chester so there's a chance it won't look good in the morning.  Also had a late dinner (steak and mashed potatoes) last night so it may be a bad weekend for the diet end of the challenge.

It's pretty tough to cut back on eating when I'm lifting heavy.  After a day like today, having worked my legs pretty hard, I'm just starving.  That's the main reason I try to lift at night.  If I lift first thing in the morning I'm starving all day and I eat like a horse.  Counterproductive most of the time so I try to lift in the evenings and either eat beforehand or eat a small, protein heavy meal afterwards and then go to bed before I get too hungry.  I miss the days when I could lift heavy and eat heavy too. 

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  1. You're doing an awesome job Alden. That fourth meal gets even the best of us every now and then...good luck with this through the holidays!